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Monday, April 30, 2007

well tis is the second dinner outing i had together wit the RP fbal peeps.. hahaa.. tis time instead of the entire chicken its the pasa malam food!!! hahahaha. we all had burger for dinner.. well went to our lil own homely spot.. woodlands mrt station to eat.. haha den head hm.. its another tiring dae we had frm our trgs...

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, April 30, 2007
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

hehe.. here's the pics of my first physical trg wit these rp peeps.. dinner for me was Mac.. but not for dem.. guess wad r they eating? haha... the entire chicken bought from cold storage.. muhahahaha everyone oe chicken man.. no joke!

these peeps are a bunch of fun ppl.. hahah.. meiwen, rigel and jas too.. w/o dem, guess my break time, after skul and all my presentations will be lyk lost.. they're alwaes der to help in my presentation... haha thx gals u all rox!

school's been reali happeneing tis week.. lots of laughter in class, during breaks when we discuss abt our projects and oso stupid faci tt got me all fired up and all of my frenz juz packed our bags n go.. LOL!

guess lessons juz gets more harder lor but i'lldo my best neverthelesss.. so yup. 9 daes haven been blogging.. so mani trgs @ rp. physical on tues n thurs 8laps for gals. wed n fri court trg.. hhah hope i don die flat man.. ciao!

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, April 29, 2007
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Friday, April 20, 2007

wah~ life in RP is totally madness!!! hahahah.. not tt its not gd or wadeva, juz tt the timing is total so long lah! its from 830-4pm!! presentation everydae somemore.. wah~ can faint lor. but i've to sae tt rp ppl are fun [as in the ppl i noe nad mix wit], my class is so COOL!!! have ppl from diff countries, diff personalities and ya they all those kind of ppl tt makes my dae in class when the lessons are all so boring. heheh

fball in RP will be all physical for 2 mths! its lyk SIANZ.. heard gary's physicall its a killer, hmmm that makes me feels lyk not gg fball.lucky thing is tt we have frenly and mr amir's trg. hahaha ytd's trg was definately making me go crazy.. my legz juz cudn't feel anithing after the trg ends tml.

todae's woke up all my leg muscles aching.. wah~ pain can.. dono wad shud i do later todae. shall see lor. hahah juz went to check on my grades for presentation.. A,A and B. hmmm hopefully i'll do well for the next 15 weeks :) i love RP

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, April 20, 2007
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

todae 1st dae of orientation.. tot it wud be sth reali lite.. but its lyk a taste of wad our lives will be @ RP for the next 3 yrs! everydae gonna be PBL (problem base learning), think think n more thinking.. but i don think i will be gg tml.. fri den bring my laptop to go configure..

finally my msn is werking! YESSA!!

better be slping soon.. todae wake up so early.. feels so tired..nites

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, April 11, 2007
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well finally im able to go to RP!! YAY!! i so happi lah.. but i definately go thru so mani hurdles before getting a place in RP.. lucky me i get the course i wanted : Diploma in Sports n Lerisure Management.

the school fees is freaking hell expensive LAHHHHHH!!!!! the registration fees n laptop all so EXPENSIVE!!!!! my god.. so i decided... i nid to werk again.

haiz.. tis lappy somehw im not able to access into some websites n into MSN Messenger.. dono y. tml first dae of orientation.. hope everything goes well for me. trg tml dono shud go anot. cos (1) i onli finished at 4pm. (2) cos if i go straight den my bag will weigh lot, cos of my laptop, shoes, clothes n not fogeting my stickbag. (3) the travelling fare gonna be costing a bomb from sk to rp, rp back to sk, sk to VS... wah.. faints.. so i reali haven make up my mind shud i go or not.

hehe.. went to juha's place todae wit haz, fariza n my bro to collect my stick. his hse has the best viw of the swimming pool, scenary n his hse has veri cool deco, veri oriental.. but too bad our handsome lil boi emil is not at hm.. hehe.. he gave us some stuff too. cool =) aniwae thx loads juha!

well tml gt to be der reali early lyk 830am. hmmm think i better go ZzzZzzz real soon. if not tml sure cant wake up.. hehe.. gd nite ppl n everyone in tis earth!

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, April 10, 2007
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Team Owls 07. End of the entire league.. we made it thru wit lots of memories, lost of matches, victories wit our small no. of players.. third for us tis yr but we'll be the CHAMP next yr! HOOT x5 OWLS!!!

we grow as we went thru all kinds of games.. @ times undenial tt temper flew in n out the court amongest us.. but it makes us stronger n wanna fight harder for ourselves n for our team. not leeting down our dearest coach's hope n believe in all of us.. gonna miss this yr's league alot.. well league has ended n may not see u ppl so often i guess.. hope @ daes of our trgs gonna see u all agn!


~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, April 03, 2007
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