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Monday, June 20, 2005

todae went movie wid my baby bran.. din expect to go watch movie wid him cos todae is a mondae and yup he had skul todae.. given he had a long dae in skul i expected him to go hm and rest.. but yup.. still we went on to watch movie at causewae pt.. movie title: batman begins.. the fact is i nv lyk batman cos the last few ones i saw was either too fat or too ugly to be batman.. but after todae's movie treat from my lao gong, haha... this batman is the best out of all!!! but no matter wad, the movie was great and the best thing is still getting to catch the movie wid my hubby.. dats the most impt... after movie was dinner..hehe..though is fast food but was nice wasn't bad at all... dear this is for ya: "baby.. u're the best lyk i told u, im lucky and fortunate to hav u and to know u.. thankz for alwaes making my life so colorful.. pls pls now u're not feeling too well and feeling veri tired mentally and physically so pls pls lao gong tk kare of urself.. don overwork and have lotsa rest pls i beg u??? promise mi ke yi mahz...? lao po hao ai ni, hao xiang ni, gan dan xing ni... lao gong knowing u is the bestest thing dat can eva happen in my life. i lurve u sweetie....alwaes.... *muackz muackz*"

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, June 20, 2005
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