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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

alrite alrite!!! this is the entry for my firstly:

mondae 28oct:

i went sch in the morning.. as usual *boring* den feeling totally sick lah.. so i went to sch for first part of sch and help out a lil on the group trying to contribute wadvea i can la.. so i left sch at 12 den head out doc doc and head hm wit my fren ning. yup.. den we went havoc awhile for the seek for jus pure fun hehehe.. head hm den yup end of my dae.

tues 29oct
i din go sch can!!! totally sian about sch so decided.. "reena wants to stay at hm"
everything wasnt ok as wad i have mentioned in the previous entry so was at hm all the wae till evening.. meet up ning and xiaohua. eat BK and yup after tt wad had happen is totally ultimate i don wanna mention in details. all i can sae is that "hey if ur reading my blog, i jus wanna tell u that it all started well for us all along, but its jus had to make u understand my situation, responsibilities and most imptly i tot we cud still remain as frenz. but too bad.. u din wanna continue wit frenships and if tt's the case den too bad don be frenz animore. i jus wan back that lil something that i cherish and treasure, but u din wanna give it to me. fine fine.. lets end it den.." den was wit hahahaha!!! 23 gg 30! its jus funny la. nice time spend and alot of catching up to do.. time changes and everything changes. i realised that we've both grown up so much and that nw we're all on diff notes. anithng is possible.. i don control destiny but at least i noe i can cherish and hold on to this frenship unlike U.. yes U u noe who u r.. don cherish our frenship!

so nw its lyk wed.. here i am blogging.. not in sch agn cos my flu, cough and basically lazy spells have been tagging on me. later the gals have frenly wit titans.. sry gals i cant play todae.. but wadeva it is u gals can do it! play hard but get into ani injuries ok? loves!!!

p/s* happy 33mths of anniversary.. long journey, tough and rocky. mani obstecles, mnai unhappiness and many many unwanted ppl and things popping up along the wae. but since nw things are starting to pick up in a nice positive manner.. lets hope we maintain it and make it gd. huggies.. wit loves

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, October 30, 2007
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Monday, October 29, 2007

who noes was it feels lyk to be stuck in the middle between 2 persons. wad will u do if u have to make a decision? will u even do it? who noes how hurtful it will be when the decision is being made.. maybe no one noes. but i definitely noes how it feels and forget it.. i'll jus be silent abt it and let things be it. u can hate me for not making decision, u can call me selfish tt i din wanna hurt anione. but i rather be the one taking all in den seeing anione ard me getting hurt.

its complicated but i choose it this wae.. maybe u wun understand why im doing this, but trust me i nv ever wanna hurt u..

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 29, 2007
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oh.. almost forgot dese 2 more pic..


~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 29, 2007
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well here's some pics that i've edited since im pretty bored dese daes.. not reli perfect but wasnt tt bad too.. the first pic was edited by my classmate yutali.. he's a genius man.. all the pics he took for us are so cool. he jus knew which angle makes the pictures look totally great. the first pic has been my DP for some time and that marilyn i have to sae ur a big hit man! my guy frenz hav been asking me abt u.. hahaha!!!

i reli don understand why some ppl can jus blog nonstop in jus one dae. i was blog hopping when i came across some ppl's blog and also i read somebody's blog.. OMG!! these ppl either gt nth to do or they're jus freaking boring i tink, can blog lyk every few hrs in a dae la.. some jus mentioned abt nth but their bfs, their relationships and all. well no offences but c'mon.. we all hav a life and besides relationship n bfs, there shud be other better things rite? i love my bf too.. but i don mention him 24 hrs a dae, stick to him and even mention in all my entries on my blog.. well guess its DPDP huh..

gg to slp soon.. its sch agn tml.. damn i jus hated sch for nuts nw for all reasons.

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 29, 2007
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

its been daes since i blog. firstly wanna sae HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEISI!!! tis is my belated wishes for her in my entry.. well den yup. fridae.. a dae where miss faci ang wasnt in class but a kinda weird male faci came in. well I HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF VERI CLEAR TO EVERYONE TT I DON HAVE ANITHING AGAINST HIM. BUT SERIOUSLY I WASNT EVEN PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO PRSENTATIONS ONLI AFTER REALISED TT Y ONLI OUR GROUP HAVE TO PRESENT INFRONT WHILE OTHERS DON. TTS ALL!! yes im temper and tone sucks but tts me. u guys can don lyk me. but accept me tis wae if u wanna be my friend. hate me if u don lyk me. i don bear ani grudges but if u guys don lyk me den i cant do much.

there is jus too mani hypocrits ard me. but its ok im not reli bother. onli ppl whom accept me as in who i am den will reli get along wit me and understand wad kind of person i am. so wun sae much..

ytd was definately a great dae. morning went wild wild wet wit my dearest love.. cant imagine tt "play water" can be so fun and guess wad? do nth but get sunburnt la! haahaa.. den went shahmeer kor kor hse for raya open hse.. heehee the food there was marvallous and there's alot of laughter and fun der. a number of skools ppl went and some rp mates too. yummy yummu food.. thx for the invitation again kor and thx to ur mummy for the nice food!thx gary for the ride to tampines =)

oh ya.. not forgetting i finally saw someone tt i din see for a long long time la! my jiejie aisyah!!! haahaa.. its been months since i last saw u.. miss ya so much and i av o much fun taling n catching up wit u.. must stay in contact k?

i maybe a bich in ur eyes, i maybe being hated by u guys. but i cant do anithing to pls u ppl. im who i am. tts all i have to sae. maybe i jus cant click wit u ppl but definately why others can but not u ppl?

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, October 28, 2007
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

hmmm 5 days of games.. finally it has come to an end. ongrats to all the teams that have won.. both the guys and the gals. RP guys reli did veri well u guys deserve to win the champ, ngee ann was more of the underdogs for the men's competition. grats NYP for winning champ, while i think we girls reli are the underdogs la.. although its tiring, but it seems so fast la... aniwae we won 2nd but i felt tt we're lyk champions. simply because we did our 200% best and even thoug we may have lost to NYP but we fought hard and i tink they had a hard time too.. rite fariza? hehehehe.. so yup yup u ppl rocks TEAM ADROITS!!!

Guess its time to take a break and to start thinking upon tt issue again. i nid to decide and think it hard. make a choice tt i will nt regret.. fball is starting to take up most of my team and my body jus couldn't take it i tink. for nth i feel tired and listless. damn i hate it..

sianz tml still got UT lor and seems lyk my sci teacher reli don lyk me sia.. no matter hw hard i try to talk and participate in class, she still sae i nv participate. haiz.. everytime give me c,c,c and more Cs.. wth! tis sem i reli slack lyk fuck and guess my gpa will drop till lyk siao. i dono hw to make all the faci happy, even if i do werk i also don reli get good grade except for some modules and this current class im in, seems fun, cool and sometimes complicated (tis is how i felt and see things la) but no matter wad, i'll jus try get some better grades la. haiz... bless me god. pls make my faci give me gd grades.

hmmm.. lyk wad the mac advertisment saes: "jus chill" yup i think for me i'll do tis and focus on my studies liaoz.. onli left 2 daes for me to pon sch.. die liaoz not even half a semster lah~!!!

well tts all for e.. signing out. study for test...*yawnz im tired*

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, October 25, 2007
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

tml is the last game.. this POL-ITE seems lyk it jus ended so fast. wudn't sae much abt hwi performed in my first Pol-Ite, only to tink that i screwed up totally and I SUCK!!! to the max. everyone did their best and i hav high expectations on myself and also from everyone else. i dono y i hav such expectations on them also. tink i shud jus contained it to myself.

tml's game against np. not sure if i shud play. maybe its better that i don play so tt everyone can play in stress free environment. its gg to be trg time soon and yet im sitting here typing on my entry. i seems reli unsure abt wad i wanna do nw. damn ate tis feeling.

morale is so down for me. maybe tml i shall jus slp at hm don come sch and stay at hm the whole dae. gd luck gals!

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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so its coming to an end.. am i reli doing it right? am i giving out my best? i dono..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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Friday, October 19, 2007

had said and done things alr.. giving up nw seems lyk im a bastard but i reli wanna do so.. 2 down 3 more to go. think i'll jus stop here. this journey doesnt seems as smooth as i tot it will be. been skipping sch and UTs lyk nobody business.. hate this part of my life nw.. totally hate it. injuries mani mani.. family ben having probs too.. damn hell jus wanna stop everyting

~*stressout*~@ @ Friday, October 19, 2007
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

hmmm... POL-ITE games is just 2 daes awae.. but somehow i tink somewhere is wrong.. i don seems to be very looking forward for the games.. maybe im just too tired abt as in literally on my health or maybe im just totally having my mind on my lessons. tis sem my grades haven been doing veri well and im so into pon-ning my sch la.. hating my faci and not blending into the class at all.. seems tt this class is just so not wad i expected or tot its gonna be. i mss my last sem classmates.. wish things don have to change cos i noe that when im tired, they're alwaes der to make me smile and brighten my dae, given me the encouragemenets that i nid.. miss ya guys so so so much..

trg dese daes was kind bit slack. still lost but will continue to read up n learn to play.

game game game.. tis is wad is one everyone's mind nw.. but somehow i reali cannot get it into my head. nvm forget abt it.. talk abt something else den.. dinner was good.. not too bad. aiyo dono la.. tml, sun werk werk werk.. shit.. wonder when will i get to slp till ver late lyk 2-3pm den wake up..


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

texas chain saw... damn disgusting la! feel lyk throwing up after watching it.. time to go back to work liaoz.. heheheheheheheheeeee

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, October 10, 2007
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hmm...the pic above was being taken last week and the one below was jus taken a min ago w/o him noe-ing.. hahahaha..
hmmm lessons tis sem is totally so much harder as compared to last sem's. i stil love the lessons i had last time. well sometimes i wonder if was it because of the modules are getting harder so i hated gg to sch or was it that i'm jus wasnt close to majority of my classmates, so i dragged my legs and body to sch everydae.. haiz.. somehow i jus tink tt my body kept feeling tired and face it la.. i tink its jus al abt me, i jus trying to find lots of reasons to not go sch.. but im still glad la.. even though sch mite be hated by me, but lucky i have my frenz of w46F and yutaki, marilyn, xiuling, yihan ard.. haiz.. if they're nt in sch i tink im so so so dead.. thx peeps..
i realised recently that whenever i go break wit yutaki, there are alwaes ppl ard us that wil talk abt him.. hmmm i saw the wae people talk to their frenz abt him while their eyes were on him. yutaki is jus so eye catchy (so tall.. simply lyk transformers in real life, his wae of dressing n his style etc etc) standing beside him sometimes i makes me feel lyk im so short, small and simply nth.. but its a gd ting to be nth cos ppl wun even bother abt u.. so meaning less attention, less trouble.
its sci lessons todae.. im practically stoning more den half of my dae here and onli that i manage to find out a lil ting abt todae's topic and someting abt pressure and volume and temperautre. presntations everydae, im feeling tired and sick abt it.. its too routine.. haiz.. no off daes for me tis week i guess. have to start saving n using it wisely.. guess its time for me to go back to listen to presentations nw.. :(
lil tots: things hasn't been gg veri well.. not for me, not for bf, not for us.. but its jus tings ard us.. our frenz are turning into strangers. im starting to see lot of tings that i din wanna see nor noe. im starting to hate why things and ppl ard us changes. bf and i felt the same wae in certain matters. we din wan things to be gg aniwhr bad but gd. we're having a better relationship now.. building it smoothly and it feels jus lyk how we started.. i appreciated the change and i appreciate bf. wadeva happens.. jus din wan to get involve in everything ard us.. live life in peace.. finally i believe and sees that bf had grown up le, more matured and know how to tink liaoz.. bf jia you i noe u can make it to the journey in the national team.. gf have faith in you.. :)


~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, October 09, 2007
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Monday, October 08, 2007

wad a wekend i have~! totally loved it. hmmm... lets start wit:

fri: 5th oct 2007

fri was no sch for me cos im slping at hm.. yup feeling so tired so din wanna go sch. pon for 4 daes liaoz. haven even half a semester yet i used up almost half of my leaves... hahaha.. so i headed for trg at evening. was feeling kinda weird doing the power play cos i felt so lost lyk lost la. after trg went mit him. den went over his place eat dinner at 1130pm and we onli reached hm at 4pm den head to bed for only 3 hrs.

sat: 6th oct 2007

hmmm after only slping for few hrs, we both headed to diff places. he went werk at east coast and yup i went over too ard 2plus and onli reach the place at 3plus 4. den i had alot of fun der. reli jus simply enjoying myself der playing fball, eat free ice creams, watched belly dancing performance and playing xbox360 der.. i love~! dinner me n my him went eat alot of food la.. haha.. shiok-ness man ^-^ den we took train back his house. shower and slept lyk dead log.

sun: 7th oct 2007

as usual todae went to fatpipe booth in the morning den all of us der were so tired. haha fariza waited the free shuttlebus for damn long n later went she came she realised that she waited at the wrong bus stop. haahaa! poor her la walk over to east coast. den suddenly it rained so heavily lyk tsunami and all of us were so wet and cold. all the things starts to fall and topple all over the place. haahaa den brown was totally funny. guess he simply loves his crumpler bag more den himself cos he uses his sweater to cover his bag lor.. well gd ting he rain din reli lasted veri long and when it finally stops it gives me n dear the chance to go buy our lunch as we're so hungry la.. hehe lunch was veri gd. and the video that uploaded above is wad happen after keith came.. fun fun more fun~! love this job..

P/S: i love spending all my time wit u and i reali tink tt dese 3 daes being tgt everydae sticking wit u, werking along wit u, i nv felt so happi b4. i noe ur changing for the gd, for us and also for urself. i noe u dote me alot alot. i dote u alot too. muacks~~ jus wanted u to noe tt hope after wad u have been thru all dese while, the choices u made have let u grow up a lil.. wadeva it is.. i'll be wit u. =)

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 08, 2007
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

firstly i wanna wish my teammates PEILING AND MEIWEN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~
next i wanna wish all kids and the not grown ups: HAPPY CHILDRENS DAY~

hmmm.. lesson todae was freaking boring.. full of calculations. enterprise sometimes can be a killer module. but lunch-break was fun.. went to watch our tennis, fball and netball IGs KL trip presentation. haha.. sheryl aka chubby and rigel start the ball rolling and chubby just cant stop giggling la.. haha must cos of us la.. the video that was being done by xiao lao shu aka duck wad fantastic! great job =) after which head for lunch wit fball peeps and den back to boring lesson.

the class finally hav their first outing tml but its at WEST COAST LA~!!! damn far can! they gg der break-fast n heard they wanna eat prata or sth.. i definately not gg la.. freaking far go der jus for prata? hahahahaha.. enjoy urself peeps! sry i wun be joining u guys..

trg was fun todae.. im learning sweep shots and rig can reli do the sweeps damn hell a gd job. the HOCKEY STYLE~ also learnt alot of waes to defend todae. im so tired to even go sch tml lor.. thurs we have high elements and i tink its gonna be so fun. hopefully i don get hypo n all on thurs... =)

p/s: a star had fallen from the sky, it jus doesnt shine as bright as before.. my angel had fallen ill. i hereby pray that u will recover real soon and and when u nid me, i'll be der for u.. for no special reasons but jus becos ur my bf n i love n care for u the most.

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, October 02, 2007
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