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Monday, June 27, 2005

yesterdae i had frenly match against SIM in the morning.. we won 12-4.. HAHAHA!! den after dat we continued our trg.. oh damn its veri tiring i swear but its fun!!! i lurve it!!! den after my trg my sweet baby buy me some yummy food and i sat dere eat the food and waited for him to finished his trg.. trg ended i went to causewae pt wid him to meet up wid his frenz for dinner for his post bdae celebration.. dinner at pasta mania.. hmmm.. can onli sae OYISHI!!!! gd food and tasty too.. oops forgot to sae: "baby thankz for the dinner yesterdae.. its been reali great especially having u ard" after dinner was tiramitsu cake wid great sponsor from his frenz.. its nice but yup wine.. u noe the taste? hehe.. but after dat was not a veri nice event dat happens.. i gotten angry wid baby cos i felt he was wasting his time dere wid his frenz doing nothing.. i felt dat he cld have been hm to finished up his work or rest instead... haiz.. after dat was quarrels and quarrels.. i cried badly..(not sure if he cried anot lahz..) but after wad had happen yest, i truly noe wad i wan and where my heart reali lies on.. it has all along been lying on the same and onli person and dat is u BRANDON.. my hubby.. i've to sae dat yes baby i said im tired of everytime being disappointed and felt being hurt, i said i felt of letting u go, but i juz cant cos even though i may have the tot of letting u go, but my hands don listen to my animore.. its not within my control animore...my hands... dey juz wanna hold on to ur hands and wanna keep on holding it till end of my daes.. i cant lose u at all in ani case.. huge feelings loomed over mi the whole nite yesterdae and i reali noe dat this time round ur the person my heart, soul and life wiill dedicate to... i nv failed to luv u more every single dae dat have passed for us the last 4 cuming to 5 mths.. my lurve onli gets stronger dae by dae.. nv it gets lesser.. NEVER! *muacks* baby... thkz for all ur luv... i luv u so SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, June 27, 2005
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