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Sunday, June 19, 2005

hmmm..seems lyk this mondae os not a gd dae afterall.. firstly one of my sec skul fren had met an accident while riding a bike w/o license.. haiz.. how dumb can he be now got himself and others into his shit.. now he's in coma and ya going for a 2nd op.. hopes he wakes up real soon.. and ya early morning i raised my voice at my beloved baby..felt extremely guilty abt it, but i juz wan him to noe dat i care for him n i luv him.. haiz.. dese daes he haven been havin enuff slp and has been busy for skul, hw,hockey and fball.. i din tell him this but yup juz wan to sae dat i can see how tired he actualli is and it actualli hurts me seeing him lyk this... "darling i juz wan ya to noe dat u're my everything since the dae i've decided to be together wid ya. seeing my fren now lying dere in the hospital bed lying motionlessly, i felt so much and i reali reali realised how impt u're to mi and how much i reali cant afford to lose u or let anithing happen to u.. lao gong i reali luv u alot..pls don let anithing happen to u and hope u trust and believe in me dat my heart and soul belongs to onli u and no one else... muackz i miss u so much wish u're here wid beside me now..."

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, June 19, 2005
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