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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

haha.. eva since the holidaes been over.. i've alreadi attended skul for almost coming to one week le.. todae is thursdae and rite now im here in my skul's com lab typing my blog for the past few daes.. skul reopen is definately not a gd thing for mi. well... lets put it this wae, its not lyk i don lyk going to skul and study, its juz dat as exams are nearing everyone in this skul are all so stressed up and geared up... bags are getting heavier and yup mine too.. causing mi having muscles ache all over my shoulders.. but luckily i've my dear to massage and rub my shoulders for me, so i don have to worry.. well tot once my skul starts i'll have less time to meet up wid my darling, but yup haha i've met him for the past 3 daes.. im so glad and felt joyful and a sense of xing fu.. something for u my sweetie.. : firstly im glad im able to see u for the past 3 daes, seeing u alwaes ,akes me brighten up and having u is the most fortunate thing dat happens to me.. its lyk miracle. next is thaknz for all the dinner i had at ur house pls help me thakn ur mum.. dinner was great and yup for ur noodles too though its juz instant noodles but yup it at least keeps me less hungry and most imptly is u cooked de.. the veri first instant noodle.. lastly.. thankz for the rub and massgae u gave me on my hurtful shoulders now its feeling abit better le and these daes both of us are feeling extremely tired with all our trgs and our skul.. also other of ur trgs and presentations and my project and examz but yup we made it thru so far for the past 5mths hope things will work out well for us for our future ahead of us.. kk i got to go now.. for my break u tk kare and don starve ya.. fat anot also must eat k? i'll still luv u de even if ur fat..hahah!! but better not grow fat back ya? see ya baby.. and ya don get injured for ur trials or basketball or hockey and fball trgs.. muackz!"

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, June 29, 2005
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