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Friday, July 08, 2005

this week been a week dat i'll nv forget... its been tiring...no joke man but its a great sense or satisfaction for me, for nan, for nora and of cos for the Millennia institute Girls Floorball Team.. WE GOT 2ND for the A Div...YEAH!!!!! no doubt im reali happi abt the winning, but i've to admit dat im so proud of dese group of gals.. they fought hard though they r reali reali tired after 2 tough demanding games... but they still give out wad they have left in dem and gave YJC a tough time and a tite game.. haiz... how i wished i could join dem and play this wonderful games wid dese wonderful galz.. they r my proud pride... todae i din go skul.. self hols. wad to do? im too tired le.. after all the shoutings, anger, game tactics gaming stuff, homework, exams and all... haiz.. too tired and too mani things at 1 goal. so i guess todae i've taken some rest already and yup part of me have regain energy le.. dear dear todae came over.. he's tired too so we both slept soundly... lyk.. hehe dead logs.this week i've lyk seen dear for onli twice.. alwaes missed him, alwaes cant get enuff of him.. seeing him alwaes makes my heart beat faster, alwaes melts and nv miss the chance of kissing him cos his kisses r alwaes so sweet and passionate. sometimes his kisses r slow and gentle.. hehe.. now feeling kinda shy.. aniwae darling... i'll alwaes luv u and i'll nv marry anione but u cos i'll nv fall in love for another guy already. my heart, soul and life have already been taken and stolen away by u le... haha.. dear *muackz muackz*

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