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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

its lyk 2 weeks afetr my exams.. damn.. study so freaking hard and study all dae and nite even during my hols.. yet my results for all my subjects lyk F**king shit lahz! and i mean it lah! den now the results come back le and this fridae suppose to be parents meeting and my parents are not suppose to go..but who noes the stupid moron teacher go call my father up and sae dat my results failed until cannot make it lahz.. sae i cannot make it to year 3 confirm.. wad the fish rite?!! wads her pathetic problem??!!!

ya lahz... so my dad will be going down to see dem lahz.. FREAK MAN!!! ALL retarded teachers.. anihow sae i tried my veri best alreadi and ya though i may have failed other 3 of my subjects but no doubt i've to defend myself dat i've MADE IMPROVEMENTS!!! ANIONE SEES DAT!!!

ppl don understand dat i've tried le.. don understand dat i'm not cut out to study, don understand dat im those ppl dat belongs to the grp where even though i study no matter how hard and all, i'll juz nv be able to make it. they see mi as playful and lazy, hack kare and stuff. but rite at hm, during the hols i studied all the wae lorz.. its juz U PPL DONNO ONLI!!! its enuff dat other ppl don understand me and all my hard work, but even those ppl closest to mi also think like dem!! fine if non of anione believe me.. cos since young, nobody i mean NOBODY had ever kare abt me at all...IM ALL ON MY OWN...

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, July 27, 2005
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