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Monday, July 04, 2005

well well todae is YOUTH dae!!! and yup! i don have to go to skul!!! YEAH!!!! so happi.. for the past few daes when im not able to blog, im lyk so busy in skul wid my studies, skul's fball and yup my own nite trg n mani more.. well "A" Division starting lyk tml and yup our guys and gals r all geared up but well.... im not reali confident dat they will win and the championship cup will not be back to us MILLENNIA INSTITUTE agn.. studies have been not bad.. cos i missed the hols lessons, im still trying veri veri hard to catch up wid wad i've missed out.. seems lyk alot of catching up i've to do man.. nite trg hav been great on thurs cos maybe i don lyk the idea of having lots of seniors ardd cos wid dem i feel so small and inferior. And as for yest trg, we had agn another game wid SIM gals and guys. this time round we onli managed to win dem on the score of 8-4. nevertheless, we still win and hav to sae this time round they reali played so much better. tough match. got bruises all over my leg and all dats pretty usual and yup dere maybe some of us in the youth team going up to OSB OWLS. not dat is not gd but yup i'll miss anione who is promoted up cos i'll miss the times we had when we're all still a team.haiz.... been so broke ses daes spending on food, transport fare and mani more. but this week have been to bran's hse lyk a trillion times. having dinner dere i felt so pai seh.. cos i cant pay for my own food... wanna sae a big thank u to my bran and his mum for the treat dese daes.. felt so pai seh.. and dear i alwaes luv u de.. no matter wad happens..

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