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Thursday, December 15, 2005

hmm.. wah~ i so long nv blog le.. this holidaes hav been lyk the most busiest yet the most scariest i eva had i think.. well lets juz start wid working.. yes~ i worked. working in an faire at suntec city convention hall. easy job i must sae.. well lyk huda mention.. sit der do nothing is not working man its easy job easy money. no doubt, all i do all dae is to coax ppl to try our the excerise machines and yup i sit der watch dem. after that its lunch, high tea full of delicious cakes and dinner. yup work for 4 daes, gd money, gained lots of weight too.

dese daes been gg trg after i not working animore.. din manage to catch the apac. too bad for me.. been trying hard to train up too. cos now im not in youth le.. *sob sob* im in owls. i she bu de leave youth but still gg to owls is lyk a great thing cos i guess i hav alot of things i can learn from the better senior players der.

scary though the tot of trg wid the seniors and all the national gals der.. well no doubt scolding is gonna so juz be part of wad im gonna get, but.. haiz ''take it and train double hard Reena! jia you''

youth have alot of new players.. ppl lyk cute sheryl wid loud laughters, farah whom seems so laugh at allthings, marilyn the real sprinter, louise the chio player and mani mani more.. of cos welcome safinah too! ur still damn gd saf! baze baze.. our dear keeper.. ur still gd we jia you together ba!! the new youth team wid all dese new and old players are not gg down but instead they are gg to be much more better den the old youth team.. GO YOUTH!!

hmmm.. on wed's frenly.. yup i suck man.. haiz.. got scoldings and stuff. don feel gd but yup nvm. i noe im reali trying veri hard le and i also noe that the gals der are all damn gd and their level of play and standard is lyk national levels lahz.. im juz noting compared to dem.. but im trying veri hard le..phobia abt being scolded but ya still hav to continue to train..

jia you to myself..

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, December 15, 2005
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