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Saturday, December 17, 2005

hmmm... i've been in owls for abt.. hmmm.. two weeks or so le. but onli dese 2 frenlies den get to play wid the owls team.. todae peiyun came back so is mai.. yup so get to play wid dem..hmmm in the last two games i learnt alot of stuff..

  1. In the RP game
  • Emily told me not to pushup so high.
  • She also told me that when im trap at the corner of the boards, don use my backhand to pass the ball cos my backhand veri weak.
  • Wileen told me before the last trg before the frenly wid RP, try to make quick passes.

2. In the Youth game

  • Same mistake as the RP game, push too high up den got to make xiaomel cover my place in defence.. haiz.. sorri mel..
  • My defence not gd.. screwed up big time when i partner Serena. Make her pissed off. but im trying hard already..
3. Some tips from kor kor
  • now im in a new team, must pick up wadeva skills i see from my teammates. Examples: passing, shooting from distance, running wid the ball away from opponent
  • keep play simple wid my passes therefore must improve on the passes. Must be more composed on the ball.

hmmm.. guess i still have a long wae to go before i can reali be a gd player and can reali adapt and fit into this gd team. somehow i felt that i reali don belong to owls and i shouldnt be der at all. So meanwhile when i try to pick up new skills and improve and work on the above pts, i must learn to adapt to the team..

alrite.. guess now is veri late le and i still waiting for my hair to dry, i shall now end blogging and go see if der is anithing interesting on the tv now.. nite nite to myself and the world!

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