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Sunday, December 18, 2005

todae woke up damn early lor cos i told farah i'll meet her at m.i at 930. so i must fulfill my promise.. hehe..wah farah has great determination man.. she promised she will call me at 715am todae.. but her first call was even before 715am! ahha.. but my phone was not even in vibration mode so i totally din noe she called. i woke up at 715 and den i go bathe and do my stuff till 8plus before i realised that she gave me 15 missed calls, a total of 4 msges. out of the 4 nsges, 2 were from her and other 2 is call aleart. but also her trying to call me when she couldnty call thru. LOL.. farah.. u so cute can!!yup so was M.i veri early wid farah, watch my dear's match. hehe.. they won.. happy!

den was our match against Pasirian gals.. yup saw debra, serene.. so long nv see dem le. yup so i played in line 2 wid debra, emily, huishan, wanie and myself. feels good playing wid dem... we won the gals and yup laters we watched matches and den played wid the youth team gals..

well well talking abt youth.. i reali lyk the new youth team gals.. even before i go owls, i wished i can stay and play wid dem.. they are so much better now.. youth now i see its no longer lyk the old youth le. they are definately way better and improved alot now.. wid the help and coaching by gary.. Go gals! u gals jia you!! seeing u all improve not onli as in individual players alone n also as a team i definately feels so happy for u gals.. this ye youth is in the fourth placing so try to be in the top 3 in this comibng league k? u gals can de.. baze and saf.. i hav faith u u gals.. hehe..

wah~ tml the ntu spree thing is at 9pm.. late.. and im pretty tired too.. but its ok.. got my dear brandon pei me and later he will sms me.. so yup.. hehe.. alrite thats all for todae.. tml agn im gonna go hm late..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, December 18, 2005
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