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Saturday, January 28, 2006

come to think of it.. my god its New Year's Eve alreadi.. hehe.. well hong bao dosen't come till midnite and yup later hav to go over my uncle's hse for reunion dinner but somehow i don reali feel lyk going over.. every year new year is lyk getting more and more boring.. but yup at least tis yr i did something different wid my someone special.. hmmm.. we went chinatown yest. got lyk so so mani ppl lahz.. everyone is squeezing so sclose to one another and yup its so hot n humid. i totally enjoy this experience at chinatown becos der are so mani things to eat, drink, look and buy.. the food der is reali reali nice! we took few pictures of the shophouses der, decorations and lightings der. after walking 2-3 streets, we got thirsty and hungry so we went to a small dim sum shop and had a place of seafood noodles and order few dim sums.. well i wanted so stay longer at chinatown though but... my dearsest hav to go ntu.. so bye chinatown and ntu here we come..

my god think i woke up earlier den before den every other daes so fall asleep on his shoulder veri fast on the train...

ntu has never been so noisy before.. der are so mani ppl der. players and supporters from both the NYP and NTU gals and guys team.. NYP gals can reali shout! oh man...by the time i reached der the gals game is over le.. NYP won.. haha.. the guys game was reali exciting lahz. first period 0-0, second and third period, NYP started scoring and scoring keep ntu in their score of 0. hehe so final score for the guys game is 5-0 to NYP. double win for NYP.. its so cool lahz..saw dawn, wileen, emily, louise der.. and huihui won the top scorere for the gals, xiao mel, widya n mai won the all star team award. AS for the guys, keith and my dear got the top scorere award but keith isn't der.. haha think he went trg ba.. Mark and dear got the all star man's award. well.. im so proud of my darling.." dear dear.. now ur the top scorer and the all star award le.. but must remember must be humble k? if not alot of ppl will think u become veri arrogant and proud le ok? nv look down at ppl and don ever hav the kind of big shot attitude k? im reali veri proud of u and im proud to be ur gf.. keep on jia you and don stop der k? muackz.."

hmmm.. well gtg now.. nid to do some final packing of my stuff and tk a lil rest b4 g for my not wanting to go dinner reunion.. haiz..

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