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Monday, January 09, 2006

hmmm.. its been raining non stop since yest.. donno y rainy daes always brings back alot of memories.. der's gd and bad.. nah.. din wanna think ant now.. juz wanna blog

yest game was gd.. but gd as in the senior players are all doing fine and reali great.. line 1 in owls always hav fantastic passes and they always seems to noe wad each other wanna do and where they wanna run to.. tt's lyk so cool.. line 2 i wun sae its bad but if der's no emily.. i think its juz gonna be harder.. As for myself.. i wun wanna sae much.. but i guess i screwed up BIG TIME! think its im not gd enuff to be in the owls.. and Nisa shld be the one tt reali shld be in owls not me.. got benched the last period abt i did played lahz.. maybe the last 10 or 15 mins i din play. ya.. tt its ok.. cos i guess if i play i'll screw up so so much more.. so yup ending.. we won 4-3.. close game.. ref i donno wad to sae abt dem.. its lyk somehow the fouls are all lyk against us.. nvm abt it.. its over..

youth lost yest.. was feeling kinda sad for dem but ya.. i reali think tis yr's youth could actualli stand a chance in winnning.. haha.. well baze did her "trademark" throw again.. hurhur.. luckily she's fast enuff to catch it back again.. OMG! its lyk scary lahz.. haha.." baze jia you.. i belive tt one dae u will be the best keeper not onli in skools.. u will be a great national goalkeeper too"

hmm.. guess nothing much le.. will juz end here.. oh ya lastly tis is dedicated to khor kai."hey gal.. u noe wad.. i din noe ur such a fun person to hang out wid.. great to noe ya and thx alot for all ur help and ur listening ears.. u noe wad i mean hehe.. u noe wad keeps on shaking ur butt ok.. its funny and u look veri cute when u di tis.. haha.. jia you and we together improve and play fball.."

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