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Sunday, January 22, 2006

hmmm.. wah i cant remember when was my last entry.. hehe.. well ahven been blogging lahz.. lazy me.. dese daes im lyk busy helping mum do housework at hm cos mummy not well.. she cant bend down back injury. so for me, someone who nv do housework b4 de got to learn to do lor.. besides doing housework, i've been gg down to ntu watch ivp games.. cos brandon playing also sometimes cos he wans to go down watch so i go.. ya as for trg.. got go lahz.. onli except for fri..

hmmm.. well last week's game against squirettes was cool.. we won 15-0.. i nv scored though but well its gd and im happi enuff as long as owls win.. hehe.. Youth played wid moosez. although they may hav lost the game but the hav reali reali defended so so so well lahz!! HEY YOUTH!! U GALS ROCKS!!! keep on jia you.. "BAZE LEE!! u have saved so mani fantastic goals lahz!!!"

hmmm.. fridae wasn't a gd dae for me.. cos something happened and yup.. din wanna sae more abt it le.. "reena... forget abt all the unhappy incidents.. everything starts afresh for u, him and for everyone ard u"

todae's game was cool too.. not bad at all.. i think i reali lyk playing together wid peiyun.. cos i felt less stressful.. line one is too gd for me le.. i totally not up to their standard.. they are gd no matter in their passes, moving into spaces, dribbling and their shots. bascially everyting is so gd.. so hehe.. think i stay in line 2 betta lahz.. we won RP gals 8-0. hmmm.. not tt i think too highly of owls. but i felt that we shld have won at least 10. but no doubt i'll give the credits to the gals from RP and especailly the goalie and the defenders.. they reali played well and they have improved so much since the last league.. hehe..

Yest Youth had their game against pink flamingo. i personally think that they shld hav won the match or at least draw wid dem.. not cause pink not gd.. its tt Youth can perform much better.. they hav been doing great during our trgs tt's y i tot so.. they shld hav put in more goals.. aniwae.. still hav alot of matches to go and i believe tt the Youth team will sure hav their turn of winning matches and scoring alot against their opponents de.. GO YOUTH!!! hehe.. donno y.. i still miss the times i played in Youth. maybe its bcos i stayed in Owls onli for awhile so ya.. "reena.. slowly ok? slowly get use to the teamm and slowly play and improve urself.."

hmmm.. finally i've blogged le.. donno when i'll be blogging again haha.. but i'll hav to keep on blogging.. "reena!! blog blog blog!! don be lazy animore!!" hehe..

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, January 22, 2006
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