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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ok.. after i checked my blog, i realised that i've lyk so long haven been blogging le lahz! hehe.. well after the 18th of dec, der is lyk so amni things going on..

the NTU spree was lyk fun.. i din go for the second game but went for the last dae's games.. we won both games and the owls came in first in this spree.. was surprised that the youth join in the spree too.. and they played against NTU the better team.. and the Youth gals the won!! 1-0.. thx to Nisa haha.. she put in a wonderful drag shot in lyk the last few sec b4 the game ended.. well guess gary that dae must be reali pleased and happi

hmm.. den nothing special happened till the 3-on-3 mini competiton on sat 24th dec..its lyk woke up super early that dae, went tamp to meet my teammates aisyah, ana and yana.. we eat mac den head der. the gals category have onli 4 teams so its lyk we finished the entire competiton within half an hr or so.. hurhur!!! damn fast lahz.. our team came in 3rd and ya the winner is wileen her team and 2nd is the NP gals.. dear dear's team lost.. onli manage to come in 4th.. wasted.. but nvm.. they played their best le.. after everyting ended we sat outside KFC rest and talked for awhile. den me, dear and his bro went makan wid his dad..

25th dec is CHRISTMAS DAY!!! stayed over at dear's hse on the 24th till 26th. was suppose to go out on xmas wid my sec skul frens and had actualli planned a surprise for brandon, but something held up and was in a terrible upset mood. so i cancelled meeting my frenz.. received a nice gift from dear dear.. its so cute can the gift reali lyk it alot..thx dear.. *huggies huggies* though din manage to go out but ya i still tot xmas was great cos its wid my dear..

31th dec was New Year's Eve.. afternoon went to M.I cos the Innebandy guys and the Owls gals had frenly wid RP guys.. Innebandy guys won despite that they had fewer guys compared to the RP guys and i din play the Owls game.. cos i having bad cough. was helping mr amir to give out the jerseys to the Youth players and afetr that i went off to meet my dear at Orchard.. we got ourselves some food and bought it home for dinner.. dear dear so sweet buy me a big box of Hello Panda biscuit.. haha.. i simply love it!! wad's more is that he stayed over my hse that dae and together wid my bro, him and me.. we din reali countdown in fact we're lyk playing computer games and ps and watching soccer outside my neighbour's hse.. hehehehe... well donno y, i felt that sear seems happier when he's playing ps wid my6 brother compared to playing wid his own brother.. funny ar.. well his focus was on the game more den me but nvm hurhur.. as long as he's der wid me can le.. so happy that he stayed over that dae..

Finally!! yest frenly was great.. guess its been the best owls and innebandy game i've played since i join owls.. maybe becos der's no conflicts, no quarrels.. everyone is happi and having fun. furthermore lyk dear dear told me, im more positive le.. learnt quite alot in yest game and ya.. glad that dear yesterdae was happy too.. LOL.. he scored 3 wonderful goals and ya wanna sae "dear dear u hav reali improved so much ever since ur in the U19 squad and after coming back from Latvia..im reali happi for u and jia you keep on improving urself wid new skills and im not sure if u noe this but wanna sae im so so proud of u.. reali.. *muackz*"

great finally updated my blog wid so mani things.. maybe i shld juz blog more often from nw onwards.. *yawns* donno y still tired.. hehe.. maybe going back to slp again..

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