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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sat nite.. its my first time i went over to stay overnite at rene's hse.. my god her hse is so so so damn cool lahz.. big and i reali lyk the guest room! its lyk even better den my hse lahz.. well i went makan at serangoon gardens wid brandon and jason on sat nite and tt cos its late le.. so i go over to her hse and stay. jason and brandon came over for lyk 2 hrs and together wid rene they were lyk playing xbox, eating nata de coco, drink small lil cute cans of coke lahz.. though its lyk 12 plus at nite and everyone is slpin except his bro out of the hse, she still showed us ard her hse and her siblings room. all so cool! wished i could stay in tis kind of hse. Man!!

well while they are playing xbox, hehe im lyk talking to sheryl online and checking out on the forum abt fball lahz..well its not lyk 2 plus coming to 3 when brandon and jason went off and rene and i din slp till coming to 5. its total madness lah cos we have game lyk the next dae and we hav to get up at 10. hehe.. we talked alot and tis talking din stop till we reached tsh. too mani things to talk abt le and for us to digest.. hehe.. well rene tis is for u: thx for having me at ur hse and der's too mani tings to digest at a goal.. but hav u digested everything.. i think im done.. oh ya also, thx for the breakfast and the nice yummy porridge.. its lyk i don get to eat it de lahz at hm.. hehe..

Youth won their 1st game against NTU Storm!! Yay!!! go youth go!!! rene scored for a fact tt we onli slept for 5 hrs.. huijun scored and i forgot who else scored liaoz.. Oops! hehe.. but u gals played so well lahz.. baze, saf and the rest of the team.. u gals ROX!!! continue to win the next few matches k! u all can do it de..

As for the innebandy game.. wow.. its lyk the most exciting match for the dae lahz.. the score line is lyk so close lahz..at the third period when i came in after our warm up, the scored is lyk 6-6. den nearling to the end of the last period, innebandy scored 3 more goals! i noe my dear scored, mark scored, hafeez scored. khalique and reajiv played well but i still think khalique has performed better on that match against moosemen

Owls won the titans 7-1. though we won, but i felt tt the score line shouldnt be 7-1 cos hui they all tried taking mani shots but are all saved by the titan's keeper.. after tt match amir had serious talk wid us and yup becos its so serious to the max tt i din wanna remember it in details.. after tt wad dinner and home.. wad happen during dinner, i din wanna mention..

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