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Sunday, February 12, 2006

oh my god.. i so long nv blog le.. time and time again i told myself to update my blog lahz but it nv happens! well ok finally todae on msn was chatting wid sheryl.. so she ask me to update my blog.. ok sheryl.. tis blog is for u. hahahahahaha......... ok where shall i start? hmmm... i think its nothing much for me to update dese days. cos been having alot of chinese new yr celebrations and of course steamboats, steamboats and more steamboats.. eat till i damn sick abt steamboat le.. game have been fine for me.. y i sae tt though we lost to moosezettes bcos firstly.. the team plays reali well.. they manage to score 3 against them and for a moment, we had a lead against dem.. although we still lose the match, but i frankly think we reali did well lahz.. next is tt we(me, syah,wanie and huishan) din get to play.. well its ok for us bcos we felt tt we wun wan to play in this game cos we wun wan to get scoldings from amir and im afraid tt if i rewali had played, i may hav screwed up big time.. hahaah.. so lucky for me.. i din play..

well youth game was far much exciting for sure. they played well under the coaching of amir tt dat cos gary din come..the gals definately had played so much better than b4. well how shld i put it..? hmm.. maybe i shld sae they reali play lyk hw they alwaes trg wid us owls.. tough and fighting hard to win and score. hmmm... zaf and sheryl (YOU!!! YES YOU!! SHERYL WEE!!!) scored the 2 goals and the equalized it at the third period 2-2 but still in the end, they lost 4-2 to ntu tempest.. have to onli sae tt widya is gd k.. baze.. u and saf is also cool k? wadeva it is don get affected by the goals and the scoldings from amir... juz play ur veri best..

hmmm... well tml or shld i sae later todae, the youth is playing against ntu storm and owls playing against titans. Innebandy playing wid moosemen. hope the guys from innebandy win.. cos if they win, the old man den wun be so angry le.. we'll hav better life.. haha.. youth tml will win too! rite sheryl? u will score again hehe.. together wid rene, mare, zaf and tyhe rest of the team. win it tml! jia you!!! hehe.. ok lahz.. i shall stop here now.. donno wad to blog le.. hehe.. gd nite to everyone..*yawnz*

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