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Monday, March 20, 2006

19th march
yest had a match against NTU Tempest.. the final socre was 6-1. well i would sae its a gd game n a not bad score for the Owls cos NTU gals reali played hard n rough hehe n they had no double given us a whole lot of pressure rite from the start of the game.. haiz.. one sad thing is tt we don hav a coach der again. mr amir still din turn up at our match he left us all by ourselves n left. feels lyk shit n veri disappointed.. aniwae back to the game itself it definately starts off wid our first period 0-0. we wanted to score so much n who noes? NTU scored their first goal against us.. the first goal of the match. haiz.. tts sure bring my morale down for a moment n not long after tt goal, smelly scored for us! YAY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH....den wanie scored the second.. after tt the 3rd period, we scored another 4 more goals from emily, wanie n forget who liaoz.. oops.. LOL.. but huishan super funny lahz.. she scored a goal wid her NOSE!!! hahahaha.. cant stop laughing lahz me.. but the goal was obviously not counted.. LOL.. after tt had a short briefing n seems lyk serena not feeling happi... wonder wads wrong n if shes alrite.. hope she is.. hope she gets to read tis blog.. smile serena!! next week we're gonna play wid YOUTH.. my former club n teammates. haha.. heard rene not playing she gg overseas.. so damn cool lahz.. RENE!!! MUST BRING BACK NICE GOODIES FOR US OKIE?!! ENJOY UR TRIP!!!

18th march
heard tt youth lost to Pasirian gals 9-2.. well its ok gals though im not der to watch the match, i guess u gals have tried ur best to play.. think they r gg for the playoffs.. hahaha... erm.. r they? well im not too sure too LOL.. well aniwaes see ya gals at the playoffs!! contiune to jia you!!!

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