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Monday, March 13, 2006

it seems to start off lyk ani normal daes.. but the onli thing todae tt doesnt seems rite starts from our game todae. todae we played against United World Collage.. hmmm.. well i hav tis thinking todae tt yes the owls will win but the score line will be lyk maybe lyk last weeks game or something.. guess everyone tot owls will have a easy time to score against UWC tt's y we played to their pace todae.. lyk wad is said"so not the standard and the wae Owls should play or alwaes play" not scoring up to our usual standard is alreadi abd enuff.. ppl are pissed off wid one other on court. wad's worst 3rd der r ppl who din even get to play at all, benched n stuff.. haiz. final score 7-0 to Owls. though we won the game but we're not happi at all.. true enuff its nothing to be happi nor proud of tt we win dem. cos we're suppose to score more than tt yet look at wad had happen haiz.. after game we had a reali serious Owls talk. everyone saes wadeva they wanna sae, wadeva they feel n wadeva they hav been keeping inside their hearts for so long. its gd though.. haiz.. i juz wish Owls will change and most imptly we will tgether be able to bring back mr amir's trust in us gerls and lyk i told serena.. i think we're all so serious tt we forgot tt we should be enjoying our playing on court wid each other and play happi fball. lyk mr amir once said" its ok if we don win, most imptly we enjoy playing fball n enjoy playing wid our teammates.."

everything sucks big time todae.. cant believe tt afterall i've done.. all i can sae is im not taking ani sides n im not those ppl becos im close to u i stand on ur side no matter its rite or wrong.. its so hurtful to hear it from u...

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, March 13, 2006
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