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Saturday, March 11, 2006

hmmm... its been coming to a month tt i haven been blogging.. ahaha alwaes saes will blog often but i nv even do it lahz. haiz.. lazy lahz wad to do. tis whole 1 month tt i din blog, im lyk sort of gg thru a journey tt i nv tot i will eva go thru..

  1. tis whole im lyk hoping tt the letter from RP will quickly come lahz.. my cuz and my fball frenz has all alreadi noe wad skul n course they gg le. yet im lyk still waiting for the letter lahz.
  2. the old man donno y don wan to bother abt us gals le.. well i totally got no idea y he doesnt wanna bother abt us animore. he don coach us, don turn up for our game and all.. haiz.. damn sad lahz..
  3. emily gave us warning le.. maybe its reali the fact tt we have to start waking up from our own world n realised our mistakes.. haiz..im lyk kinda miss my short daes in youth cos on wed when emily is toking to us so seriously, the youth on the other side was lyk enjoying their own team tok and they seems to be having so much fun.. my head juz kept turing over to deir side n watch dem in envious looks.. how i wish iwls will be lyk the youths one dae..

hmmm... and todae's trg, so many gals din come.. angela left in the middle of the trg. guess she juz wanna play both the guys n the gals games. youth gals din turn up but their 2 keepers baze n safinah came hehe.. todae layed defence wid serena and the forwards hav to rotate n wait for turns to play though.. hmmm.. guess ppl are pissed off playing wid the guys.. esp taufiq. but guess he din do anithing on purpose.. poor wanie fall down n got her ankle sprained agn.. aiyo tis wanie ar everytime falls on the ankle.. lyk jelly lahz. overall todae's trg i wun sae its gd neither its bad.. as usual lahz for me der is alwaes so mani things tt i nid to improved on.. its geting late le.. *yawns* tired.. gg to bed now.. nites to everyone in tis wonderful world..

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