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Friday, April 14, 2006

14th april
well suppose to go trg todae at Victoria School.. haiz.. but too bad was sick AGAIN!!! i HATE being sick n keep falling sick over n over again. i mean i donno y haiz.. i exercise, i eat ALOT but still i keep falling ill.. something is wrong wid me.but the docs r alwaes saying the same old thing.. normal.. so din manage to go trg todae.. throat infections again.. sianz..

13th april
hmmm.. feeling tt i haven been blogging so was thinking of blogging. the last thing i can remember from last week was the match at ITE collage east. well we played against pinkies.. hmmm played onli in the first period.. after tt was much lyk im on the bench n watch mty teammates play. although i noe im not gd but i can onli tell my teammates wad i saw in the game. well if anione ask me, i'll saw im feeling useless n now contributing to the win of the match. so was lyk having second tots abt gg for the finals.. guess it don make ani diff. den tt nite me n brandon went jase hse watch soccer, play game.. mondae reached hm feeling tired so slept my dae away.

Tues went meet up my brandon in the evening n we decided to watch ice age 2. hehe.. well the show is lyk SUPER funny lahz.. cant stop laughing. but as compare to the first one.. i think the story line of the first one is better den the second. den saw 2 person familiar at the interchange at woodlands.. hehe..

wed was killer.. my throat was lyk killing me the whole dae. i cant eat, cant drink properly. its so painful lahz.. had to tk abt 2 packets of lozenges to temporary stop the pain.. thx to my darling for getting those lozenges for me.. trg was kinda.. donno hw n wad to sae. seems hard to play in the line. don hav communications, donno wad is everyone gonna do or run.. so ya MESSY!!! i played lyk shyt i think guess its normal of me so ya nothing much to mention abt.

Thursdae was a dae tt im kinda looking forward to. its BBQ at RENE"S HSE!!!!!
met up sherly n sam first at serangoon interchange to get cake for huda n baze, den get drinks n all. suppose to go for mai's concert but... i lost the ticket! Oops! sorri mai. ya so back to the topic. den we took bus der n later we saw huda as in e other huda, shaz n her lil cute brothers, huijun, zaf, keith, gary, charmaine, khorkai, rene. later tt nite baze, huda, lousie n brandon came.. had a mini celebration for their birthdae. after tt some of us stayed for a lil longer b4 gg hm. so onli left me, brandon, charm, keith, rnen n baze. baze got all of us bens n jerries ice creams den we played games n eat all the wae.. its a fun fun nite!!!

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