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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

18th april
hmmm... wad should i sae. i think todae its quite a fun dae.. hurhur! though im lyk staying at home doing nothing but to surf the net the whole dae, i discovered alot of new things online. came across few websites tt is reali lyk.. totally coolness n yup was bloghopping ard and yet i came across couple of blogs tt i think i noe.. hehe.. one of it is my ex bf's current gf's blog.. hurhur.. wad a small world. dese daes either things are not gg too well or its rather cool to find out new discoveries every now and den.. hmmm.. life is reli such a complicated thing.. well of cos not onli surfing the net aimlessly, i went to NIE to apply for teaching.. hehe.. thx to my sista aisyah n ah shan. maybe its reali a wise thing to do to apply to NIE.. hope i can get in..

17th april
hmmm.. yest had trg at SGS.. keith sec skul.. haha.. onli 7 of us was der (me, angela, enily, mai, wanie, ah shan n fariza). though we played 4-4 against the guys, i think its rather fun n its veri challenging..

so by the end of the dae, i would lyk to dedicate tis to my dear:
dear dese daes we're kinda lyk the weather. sumtimes rain sumtines shine.. one dae we can experience lyk mani trips of rollercoaster rides.. but i believe we can defeat all kinds of weather n rides.. hand in hands.. you n me.. i love u dear.. *muacks*

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