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Thursday, April 20, 2006

19th april
yesterdae was at hm surfinf net looking for job. hmmm.. seems lyk i cant keep working on my tis freelance job. selected gets paid, not selected too bad. haiz.. so hav decided tt i reli nid to find another job. apparantly i found a couple of admin asst job..

before gg trg i go serangoon to meet my sweetest. went the coffeeshop der to eat. well in fact im lyk kinda looking forward for the trg though cos can finally see aisyah jie. trg for the first time i think tt i join owls tt have almost the whole team turn up except one or two. at first was ok but later... haiz.. don wanna tok abt it le.. all i can sae is every trg tt i go, i've been trying my best to make improvements but y seems lyk wad i do in ur eyes seems im wrong? after trg der is lyk sort of a team talk by peiyun. she cried sad though well but seriously der is maybe something she has heard from some ppl seems lyk not the truth n she metioned abt it yest. i din wanna make ani comments on everything she sae cos not i don dare its cos i think i should juz keep my mouth shut. i don wan later lyk she said to me last time "reena y must u alwaes be the one to stir up trouble" to be frank, tis sentence she said evs since to me tt dae, its been alwaes inside my heart nv forgotten. feeling hurtful, shity so eva since tt dae i told myself to shut up. after tt had lil talk wid serena n thx serena.. i'll do wad i've said to u yest. well still couldn't believe tt ppl can juz believe in someone's words when dese ppl who spread the rumours hav not even heard the actual stuiff wid deir own ears.. so how mani ppl not mentioning in tis world, juz in tis team can be trusted.. im having alot of doubts but i noe der is still some ppl tt i noe i can trust n talk to.. slowly dese ppl i trust n talk to will surface one dae..

20th april
earlier on tis morning i was watching soccer wid my dear dear.. hehe.. fun watching cos i keep making funny comments on those players. LOL.. wad to do when im someone who don reali noe much abt soccer? hurhur!!! we talked on the phone n watch n talk n watch.. hehe.. so i guess todae i'll be at hm resting n sourcing for job again.. its gonna be a no parents dae cos no one is at hm.. LOL!!! yay can turn the hse upside down.. i lyk!!

final: hope fridae will be a better dae at trg..

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