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Sunday, May 14, 2006

14th may
hmmm.. woke up do the usual stuff den was lyk facing the com the entire afternoon till nw. kinda unbelieavable tt my eyes hav been staring on the screen for so long n i got no idea wad am i exactly doing. guess its juz charging my mp3( the batt kinda faulty alreadi), playing maplestory(veri long nv play le), chatting on msn n doing up other's blog. mummy made jelly again hahaha.. heard from dear tt his mum was veri happi tt the prezzie he gotten for her. so is my mum.. hehe.. thx to dear who choose the pendant. hmmm.. guess im logging off veri soon, neck stiffen le, has to finished the blog first den rest!!! here i come.. think i heard my bed calling me!!! Muhahahaha!!! lastly to every mum is tis world HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

13th may
morning i woke up feeling great cos had a gd nite slp n most imptly, todae i finally don hav to do hsework cos my sister is at hm.. hurhurhur!!! so afternoon i went to woodlands to meet dear, passed him the jelly tt i made yest.. i hope its not too sweet for him cos i tot it was a lil too sweet for me. went for lunch, had alot of fun n laughter n bought alot of stuff for ourselves n for our mothers.. i lyk wad we've bought for each other n i got a pendant for my mum n he got a lil special gift for his mum. canmt stay till late wid him was feeling kinda sad, but hav no choice cos i hav dinner wid my family n relatives at tampines... dinner was ok n after tt headed hm. i went out at 9plus pm again.. n was busy sms-ing my dear till 2am den we're so tired tt we decided to go to bed.. so tired but its enjoyable...

12th may
its a holidae!!!! im at hm doing hsework. went breakfast wid my mum in the morning n den when to the minmart to buy some stuff. i convinced my mum to buy a few packets of jelly powder cos i wanna try to hw make.. hehe.. the whole afternoon its lyk raining cats n dogs.. im lyk in the kitchen, busy wid my trying out making jelly. was doing halfwae n mummy sae she wanna tk over. hmmm.. guess she also cant stand doing nothing so she came over to the kitchen n help out. got no trg so was lyk rotting at hm at nite..

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