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Monday, May 22, 2006

*Yawns* been feeling so tired n slpy dese daes.. maybe cos im not reali feeling well.. hmmm.. i hasn't remember when is the last time i blog n wad have i blogged abt.. haha.. seems lyk age been changing up wae too fast on me.. old le.. i cant remember wad i've done for the past few few daes when i din blog so i decided tt im not gonna blog abt tt part of my life..

yest i went to work in the veri early morning.. so early tt i've to wake up at 7am lahz.. its been lyk mani mani months since i last woken up so early le.. hehe.. went to work n hav my trg n attachment.. not bad though trg still i hav pay for tt.. work was fun n kinda easy.. soon my fren gonna join me at work der.. yay.. work will resume from next sat till the entire june holidae ends.. hope work gonna be so much fun every single dae. so i worked till lyk 330pm.. haha.. den i go hm slp!!! evening i played game for awhile n den.. got so tired i knocked off...

todae i din work so i do hsework.. buy some stuff n had a surprsie for my dear.. dinner mummy cooked alot of dishes..uncle, aunt n my lil fav cuz come over for dinner. hmmm... mummy gg hospital for operation tml tts y she decided to cook everything in the fridge.. hehe.. though im worried abt my mum's op but sstill i cant do nothing juz pray for her.. hehe.. now i tink i've finished blogging.. maybe blog agn next few daes.. tired..

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