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Monday, August 21, 2006

a continuation of my pervious blog.... let me see

WED-> nothing much except having frenly at simei ite wit the gals der.. hmmm.. hav to sae it is reali fun! my veri first frenly game i eva played n its a whole 4 periods of game.. cool!!! it was a great game n i tot the goal that the ite gal scored against us, it was reali a gd goal.. great run by her to bring the ball n tk a shot.. nevertherless... our gals r better LOL.. think the kids r still wae better den all of us.. =) nisa, minah their line i personally think they hav improved alot n they r so much faster on the court.. our keepers fariza n baze did gd throws (except baze's speciality lol...) n saves... overall i think we played well.. final score i think its 14-1.. skools rox!

THURS-> hmmm.. went out wit bran to orchard to hav our lunch at subway.. yummy yum its so nice!!! (better den hospital food) den meet rene to get some studying notes from her. an hr or so later bran n i went to orchard library to study.. he study his notes, me read my story book n looking at the tasty food tt the lil cafe der offer (saliva drooling) LOL... ard 5 we head to tiasa actualli wanna check out the blades but its closed n met angela der.. den ya head hm for dinner n on the wae to the mrt station i gt him a surprise.. after tt was at hm rotting....

FRI-> couldn't remember..

SAT-> was busy all dae.. not at hm.. someone asked me out ard 7plus to go padang watch free movie n offer to come pick me up but i couldnt go.. wanna sae sry to the person.. had great time although im pretty beat the whole dae.. no trg donno y.. heard from some tt old man drove off.. i gt no idea wad happened actualli..

SUN-> met up my sec skul frenz at orchard.. hehe went tk neo-print, walking ard to find gifts for my frenz bdae.. den was dinner at cafe cartel.. as usual i cant eat anithing other den their grilled dory fish, oriental chicken salad (ate more lettuce den the chicken) den after which we head down to marina square's nike shop.. i saw a pair of nike shoes its so cool sort of lyk camo kind wanna ask my dad to buy for me.. hehe hope he agrees.. den off to the arcade to play.. 10plus head hm..

MON-> todae its gonna be another dae which im gonna rot at hm.. juz ask my dad if i cud buy the shoes n he saes YES!!!! muhahahahah!!! so happi can! aniwae hope my fren can get dist for me den can buy it cheaper.. my dear tml exam le.. dese weeks he's been mugging reali hard n hadnt been slping alot.. hmmm.. hope he do well for tis exams n hope it finished soon too so tt he cud hav plenty of time to do wad he wanna do n cud rest more.. wanna see him soon too.. miss him alot alot..

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