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Saturday, August 05, 2006

hmmm... yesterdae as usual morning hav to do wad i hav to do.. INJECTIONS!!! hehe.. phobia still but am slowly getting used to it alreadi.. haiz.. guess dese daes i alwaes felt lyk i haven been eating anithing filling for my stomach.. alwaes growling in hunger. wad to do, i cant have snacks n a hearty meal lyk i used to so im still trying to get my appetite smaller.. everydae's food is the same old stuff cant choose n don hav much choice at all.. sometimes tasteless, seeing other ppl eat is a torture for me cos they r eating everything n anithing!!! but i cant.. sad-ed..

afternoon when for appointment at the hospital.. everything seems fine.. saw my M.I friend.. hmmm seems lyk he had his back injured.. well pal gotta tk kare ya..

later evening i went shopping.. laterally for my diet food n all. come to think abt it i cant hav chocolates so much often now.. but for my health i hav to sacrifice lor.. i guess making all dese scarifices to keep myself healthy is worth it n most imptly can go back on court ASAP!!! went watch dem hav trg yest.. wah~ super tempted to play can.. so i walk ard play a lil, shoot a lil.. hehe.. not too bad i told myself.. saw alot of ppl yest, all been asking hw am i.. well was shocked when i saw pierre n he ask if im ok.. LOL.. well thx everyone.. im feeling great nw.. thx for all the concern.. seems lyk everyone saes i've lost alot of weight.. hmmm.. guess its the food i eat ba.. so although tempted to play but ya control n kept myself busy playing wit uncle yuha's baby emil.. aww~ he's juz so adorable.. mr vig leaving.. hope all the best for him in boston for the next 1yr..

wadeva it is, im veri determint to go back on court to play.. hope i could make it even b4 the pesta if possible.. if not the earliest will be next yr's league.. endure endure endure...

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