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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

haiz.. after updating my last blog, i cant imagine myself landing up in the hospital.. haha.. well im attack by some unknown sources n den im now known as diabetics, a type 1 they called. hmmm... but wadeva they unknown sources mite be, it sure doesbt feels gd at all to be in tis state.. the entire process of landing myself up in the hospital is terrible.. cant be describe. not more talking abt getting my hand bruised everywhere from the "plugs" tt they pok into my skin n also the mani upteen times of painful n unbearable blood tests... hehe...

i wanna thank all those fball peeps who came by to see me [shahmeer kor, emily, aisyah, wanie, charm, kk, serena, debbie, wileen, huihui, dawn, farizah, rajiv, rene, huda n hamtaro, jasa n widya, mark seow n samatha], my sec skul frenz, w/o u guys i think i'll be reali so bored in my 4 daes of stay in the hospital.. thx for the care n concern u guys hav shown n given to me.. am reali touched... thx for the prezzies u guys had bought for me.. from huda, rajiv, jasa, widya, aisyah jie ur flower n all the cards.. not forgetting my working frenz who came over to see me yest at my hse n also at the hospital.. oso oso all the sms-es u guys had sent me.. reali thx a billion million.. to mr amir, mr azmy n wife.. thx for coming too.. was reali a huge surprise to see u ppl coming to see me..

nw my onli wish is to faster get back to my normal lifestyle, go back to work, go do wad i hav been alwaes doing.. shopping, chilling out most imptly back for FBALL TRGS n GAMES!!!! i don wanna juz cos of tis illness den i hav to stop playing tis sport.. hmmm.. juz hope to get my life back on the normal track again..

lastly nw tt im at hm, definately im feeling so so much more comfy.. realised tt actualli der r mani things in life i don see at all when im not sick.. onli to reali see it when im at the bottom of the well in my life.. esp to my parents, my family n brandon.. wadeva u guys have done for me during dese past few daes when im hospitalised, u guys had reali shown me wad is love, care n concern.. wad kinship reali means.. to my mum who did the most for me.. appreciated all tt u hav done, n mani mani more.. cant be said wid juz words.. to my dearest brandon.. sry i've made u so worried for me since i got into hospital.. thx for doing everything u can to make me feel better, to keep me company no matter hw busy ur n thx for encouraging me to face my biggest phobia.. injecting needles.. mani thx to u n for all the sacrifices u made juz cos of me n tis illness i hav contracted.. i love u so much.. miss ya alot too.. muackz...

~*stressout*~@ @ Wednesday, August 02, 2006
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