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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it feels so gd to be able to walk on the streets of singapore again, to travel on the mrt n to tk buses to which eva place i wanna go... hmmm... finally im out of my hse!!!

Monday 7/8
went out to meet brandon at his place.. hmm.. went to the optics. on my wae to his place i realised tt its been so long since i travelled alone... after having tis illness, ppl ard me, my family esp are so afraid of letting me go out alone by myself. i noe they care n worried abt me but i wanna prove to dem tt im reali fine n healthy now n im able to tk care of myself lyk wad i used to be.. maybe they still nid time to be convinced but im determine to show dem tt i can do it! dinner was simple but yet delicious. everydae's dinner for me now is either fish veg fish veg fish veg n more fish veg. dinner was exceptional todae cos i hav CHICKEN!! even juz one piece im so happi.. LOL!!!! yum yum too bad but i cant eat alot lyk i used to.. guess i cant eat a whole load of food from now onwards, onli can watch other ppl eat. haiz :(

Tues 8/8
todae was nothing special, except tt my lil cuz came over my hse early in the morning. he's having fever to dae so he din go to skul n my uncle n his wife hav to work so left him at my hse. i used to think its kinda fun to tk kare of kids, but todae i've the taste of it n its killing me~! well his fever makes him so gloomy n he cries at every lil things.. wah~ *faints* suppose to meet up farah but cant make it cos my mum insist tt i should be hm haiz.. sad-ed can~ after my cuz went hm, reading is all i do. after dinner went borrow more books to read on.. haiz.. guess being confined at hm reli killing me slowly so no choice hav to READ~! tml's national dae n usually i hav plans wit my frenz but seems lyk tml im gonna be at hm watching the national dae parade n not getting to watch the fireworks live =0( im starting to reli hate my life cos i've juz begun my 21yrs old n yet im down wit tis kinda of illness.. how "lucky" can i be? forget it nw feels reli depressed or should i sae im depressed all along since the dae i noe im in tis kind of shit..

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