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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hmmm... todae was juz aother boring dae at hm no nid to sae w/o brandon ard.. feeling bored n donno wad to do or who to talk to abt something i tot of todae.. so i juz send him an email lor.. hehe.. hope he gets to read it over der.. will be waiting for his reply n wait for him to come back..

todae i juz rot at home as usual but more bored den eva.. was online in the morning, afternoon help out in some hsewerk (change bedsheets for 3 beds, sweep the floor), slp the entire afternooon awae till 6pm, eat dinner, go shop for groceries den nw online again..

i had a lil tot todae.. i asked myself wad do i reali wanna get from playing fball besides keeping myself healthy n fit? my initiate aim of playing tis sport is to juz play for leisure, for fun, to make myself stress free fom pre u life. but as i continue to play, my aim isn't tis simple animore as i used to think.. apart from all those i mentioned above, i remembered once gary asked me when im still in youth, wad is my aim of playing fball? i told him tt i wanna make it to owls. but todae i asked myself, its since jan im in owls, wad exactly hav i done or larn from the seniors? i tot for veri long n i realised tt owls is diff now, a new owls i would sae but whether new or old, i don feel lyk i've done anithing for the team, ya maybe lots of screwing up from me but besides tis wad hav i reli done for tis team? i juz don see myself fitting into aniwhr in the team. maybe its standard difference? i donno lahz.. i tried my veri best but i alwaes screw up during games.. i juz suck at it.. maybe lyk bran used to tell me, maybe i shud juz stop playing fball.. i wish he's here nw to tell me wad shud i do... :(

i miss u alot...

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, September 12, 2006
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