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Thursday, September 28, 2006

hmmm.. haven been blogging again!!! LOL!!! been super tired n lazy dese daes.. well eva since im dependent on injections i seems lyk everydae im so easily tired out even w/o doing anithing vigorous.. worst of all my weight is lyk for no reason keep dropping.. hehe... ah..forget it.. lets change a subject..

hmmm... i've been wanting to study again.. since beginning of the yr i've tried to apply for RP n din manage to get in, i've been werking n giving tuition. but i reali reali wanna study again.. so.. i've recently been to RP to try to apply again for next yr's intake.. nevertheless, i oso wanna try TP.. lyk my teacher said "keeps ur options open" so will wait to see if i can get into ani of dese 2 polys..

trgs been ok..fariza has the entire goalpost landed on her.. haha becos she wanna block a airhook from our dear fren keith.. LOL.. its reali funny... small group of peeps turning up.. fasting started for all muslim ppl.. seems lyk they love to fast. LOL.. i reali don understand y they so happi to fast.. its shown by my werking frenz.. they're so excited abt fasting.. maybe im from a diff race n cultural diff, i think fasting is suffering cos u cant eat till dinner.. hehe.. well but its sure to be a gd time to lose all the fats in the body..

boring dae todae.. hav been slacking n doing nothing at hm.. aniwae hope tml will be a more exciting dae..

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