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Friday, September 22, 2006

its been 10 daes tt i haven been blogging.. LOL.. well dese 10 daes ar.. i think not much diff lor..
ok here's a brief summary of my 10 long daes:

  • brandon finally came back from hongkong.. he said it wasn't reali fun, bought me alot of stuff.. thx dear i love dem all.. love u too..
  • went for doc's appointment on fri morning.. faints waited quite awhile..
  • rot at home on tuesdae.. doing nothing..
  • go teach tuition..
  • meet up wit sam n her dad send us to rp for frenly wit the guys den injured my thumb during a frenly game wit rp guys.. haha was wrapped lyk big fat sausage for 4-5 daes..
  • went out window shopping wit my dear.. had some commotions abt certain things tt we don agree on but its alwaes solved at the end of the dae :P
  • we went movie on mondae.. watched lil man.. funny show..
  • went trg on wed.. well its ok to me but stil not alot of ppl turn up.. guess lesser ppl more playing time? hehe.. i donno..
  • latest was ytd went IMM wit darling.. bought some groceries for dinner den head to his hse n we cooked dinner together.. rare to see me cooked cos i donno hw to cook but luckily got dear.. he's a gd cook so glad dinner turn out ediable.. LOL.. (mostly done by him) YUmmY dinner.. juz luv it so much!

ya so tts wad i did for the past 10 daes.. hmmm.. seems lyk nothing much i've done.. hehe.. hmm as for todae well will be gg trg later in the evening n ya brandon went for his skul's fball camp.. so has been alreadi missing him alot.. tml got to werk again.. hmmm.. hope everything goes well n hope to serve nice customers :)

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