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Monday, September 11, 2006

its been a long sept hols to me personally a brief summary of tis entire hols... werking n werking.. nevertheless, its been a terrible hols to me... well don wanna tok abt pesta animore.. it juz makes me feel terrible abt it. admit i suck though.. haiz.. lyk i said to one of my teammate "i think i've not found my place in owls. nv seems to fit into it.. maybe i'll nv ever find it.." pesta's over now onli wanna concentrate in werking, maybe finding a new job n ya trg for the upcoming league next yr.. owls is so much diff nw.. juz hope tis new owls will juz keeps getting better everytime :)

ytd went to watch the innebandy game at tsh wit bran.. he stayed over my hse the nite b4 cos its too far for him to travel to tamp from his hse.. well tts not the pt. the main pt is innebandy won but its lyk a game of soccer n fencing rather den fball.. ppl gets pushed off real hard on court.. hard to watch such matches but juz its not our choice of being a spectator.bran got pushed quite a number of times.. hmmm.. glad tt he's not injured :P after which me n him went to expo for the food fair.. LOL... der were so mani stalls n selling wonder yummy stuff!!! we tasted most of the food der (or shud i sae he tasted most of the food der cos i cant reali eat most of the food..) den we decided to buy some food back home for our families to try.. hehe so glad tt they all luv it n im glad of making e rite choice to queue for the peking duck for HALF AN HR!!! its been a wonderful dae ytd.. had so much fun n juz being out wit him makes me feel so contended..

he flew to hongkong tis early morning todae le.. wad feeling sad n misses him alot :( haiz wonder wad shud i do while his not ard. he called me tis morning b4 he left.. wish time pass faster so tt i can see him again.. i miss u dear..

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