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Thursday, January 04, 2007

i don remember anithing much dese daes on wad i do except for those daes whr i hav loads of fun n all.. well on the eve of new yr a few of us when over to RENE's place.. thx for inviting us over rene.. n oso to ur family members.. thx for having us ard n for the great food, drinks n everything.. den my first dae of 2007 is juz practically too tired n slpy to do anithing.. after rene's place i went back hm wit bran n sheryl slping on the bus.. dinner at hm..

den was rp frenly on tues.. wah.. reali cannot make it lor me..played lyk so mani periods but still lyk shit.. damn tired den was the best part dinner!!! dinner was great for me.. cos i ate reali alot lahz.. medication take effect so i ate reali alot lahz! dinner wit serena, fariza, huishan, hazirah, shahmeer kor n syah jie.. gossipped abt mani things hehe.. damn funny n n interesting lor.. having reali good time..

ytd was a boring dae.. do nothing do nothing.. stayed hm..

todae was alrite.. rain pretty heavily n yup went tp trg.. wonder wads up for tml.. haiz.. damn tired.. shall stop here n awaits for tml to come.. nite ppl..

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