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Sunday, January 28, 2007

my god.. so fast 1 week le.. come to think abt it i don seems to hav done alot of things tis entire 7 daes.. on tt wed went trg at VS.. usual not alot of gals / guys went.. fridae suppose to go shopping wit mummy but plans changed at the veri last min.. so went down NP to watch the IVP finals.. was so exciting esp the guys match RP vs NYP.. so intense n alot of us fballers actually went down to watch.. den sat werk at nite went to watch innebandy's match.. they lost to nhac tre 7-1. hmm.. hav to sae the ang mohs are reali BIG in size, us asians juz looked so small.. hehe.. superman 10 christian was lyk wow whenever he gets the ball n starts to run n shoot.. but ya not forgetting the saves tt pierre made.. cool! overall was quite an exciting match..

woke up todae.. had a veri bad feeling.. i nv tot tt it was reali true abt ppl can sense or feeling tt they're gonna hav a bad or gd dae.. hmmm... guess i've finally felt it myself todae.. i don feel gd the ebtire dae.. headache when i woke up, den feeling slpy on my journey to ntu, den was late for game, played lyk shit.. wun sae anithing abt the match cos i myself was lyk totally switched off the entire match.. gotten 2mins for accidentally blocked the ball tt comes hitting on my hand.. sianz.. bad omen.. unlucky!! fed up..

lastly congrats to owls for winning our match 7-1 against youth.. to youth gals.. u gals reali did play well todae keep it up!! gd luck for the rest of ur upcoming matches!!

~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, January 28, 2007
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