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Monday, January 22, 2007

think im super sianz abt my current job n i've been looking for other jobs.. but aniwae tt's not wad i wanna blog abt.. ytd had game at tsh against squirrettes.. first period 7 goals, second period 2 goals n last period 6 goals.. hmmm i must sae thru out the entire game i felt lyk hell.. hate the wae i play.. shit!! old man was reali angry abt the wae we played ytd at the 2nd n 3rd period.. but aniwae we won 15-0 in the end.. won yet feeling unhappy for me. innebandy guys were lyk having a tough game ytd against NUS Nemesis.. although the won 4-2 but ya tough win for dem.. for a moment i lost my stick n apparently its underneath one of the moosemen's guys bag below. ate mac after my game n headed hm.. was too beat to actualli blog..

  • 20/01/07

nothing on much during the dae.. evening went over to qin's hse for mushroom steamboat.. sort of for a postpone bdae celebration for her.. hmmm.. besides me n bran.. der r lyk another 8-10 of us der eating ard the table.. hehe.. chat alot, hav alot of fun n catching up wit all my frenz.. the steamboat was yummy!! one of my fren actualli focus so much on the food itself tt she wasn't even interested in ani of our conversation lahz!!! hahaha..best part is tt she din even help to clear up.. sit der n read magazine.. LOL!!! tis had gotten me n bran n some of my frenz laughing abt wadeva she's been doing..

for the rest of the previous daes.. practically cudn't remember much n yup been gg np the watch IVP..

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