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Sunday, February 11, 2007

hmmm.. i guess its nothing much to talk abt our game against pasirian todae.. yup so we won 4-2. but its lyk so? we totally lost to ourselves todae.. we played lyk donno wad.. donno hw to describe it.. lyk wileen saes.. blame ourselves for todae's outcome.. blaming the ref is secondary.. its we ourselves who hadn't been performing thru out the entire match n tt we're totally off form todae. of cos he has every rite to be mad at us.. its our fault..

got my ankle sprain todae cos of tis gal from pasirian.. damn.. den i ask him y we lost? did we reli played lyk shit? ya is the ans n he thinks maybe we're too complacant. hmmm.. so far this yr's league started tis is the worst game eva for me.. feels lyk shit..

after new yr we gonna face LMFC.. we juz gotta be better den tis man.. i noe we hav a chance of winning tis time round.. hopefully all of us can do well as a team.. esp me gonna wake up!!!

wadeva it is, im totally tired.. no mood to blog also lahz. cos todae's match reli bothers me alot..


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