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Sunday, February 25, 2007

so long hasnt been blogging.. mani unlucky things happened.. but ya well new yr was alrite.. veri fun, together wit mani nice food to eat, alot of visiting to do..

sat was juz not my dae nor the team's dae. had game against LMFC. we were so close.. almost der.. although we weren't able to win dem but we put up a gd fite. debbie scored 2 goals n at times we were leading dem.. tt was so awesome... 1st goal they scored was ttally donno wad to sae. the ref is lyk having his butt facing the game fixing the boards yet the other called for play n they scored. is lyk WTH!!! for the past game against pasirians we oso hav FUCK UP refs.. wad is wrong? NUS refs hav something against skools izzit? ya so LMFC won yet another time against us.. winning dem seems so close yet so far for us.. but well guess pesta we'll meet again.

after the game something happened.. well din wanna mention it animore. feeling shity guess the person felt so too..

ytd when tsh. innebandy won pasirians 7-4. our guys alwaes "wakes up" at the last period. hehe.. so typical of dem but donno y also. at least they won. youth totally was awesome! they reali played so well ytd but unlucky for dem losing at the last 12sec in the 3rd period.. but u gals totally ROX!!! keep it up tis fighting spirit for all ur upcoming games =) skools fball guys lost to tp too.. hmmm.. guess bad luck is sticking on us.. damn hopefully it will go away sooner.

todae he started werk le.. i juz hate it.. not tt i don lyk him to werk or anithing. but i juz cant tk the anger n frustration i had inside me knowing tt for the past 2 yrs since he entered poly, every holidae he had, he nv had time for me. its alwaes packed wit his nationals fball competion, gg overseas for fball n hockey. every holidaes he sae he will spend the time wit me, every hols he'll hav something to do n tell me to wait. waited for every holidae to come n when it finally came, ive still got to wait for the next hols again. felt so lonely n most imptly veri hurt when i've to feel so alone here..

think i nid a time-out from things.. clear my heads n think it thru again.. i don wanna be the one who alwaes wait for it to come n when it finally came i'll still nv get it..

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