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Thursday, February 08, 2007

well veri soon its gonna be new yr le.. todae i went out wit my mum to chinatown.. we bought some clothes, bags and shoes.. she paid for all so i wanna sae "Mum thx for everything todae" its so packed at chinatown.. hmmm but i reli lyk the atmosphere der.. so happening lahz! full of sweets n mani goodies, decorations, clothings etc etc.. hehe..

my poor dear dear fall sick le.. though he see doc le but lyk still useless lehz.. tml till next week his exams le hope he do reali well in it n pls don let tis sickness affect his results.. dear u must do well n most imptly get well real soon ok? if not no ba gua for u le.. hehe..

ytd had trg.. definately i think its the best trg so far cos mani of the hooters turn up. its lyk ytd's trg had the most ppl lahz.. old man definately in gd mood too.. wish for the next few trgs will be tis gd.. ending of the trg was lyk abit not nice esp for ppl in youth. well rajiv had a speech made for all of us but i think he reali shudn't tk youth as an eg lor.. but i've to agree tt we nid the drive n determination to strive for the best and improve. i tot abt it n ya i agree maybe i din werk hard enuf at all though i've played for lyk 4yrs. its time to end fball for me soon..

hmmm.. tml the results for O lvl is coming out le.. hehe definately sheryl, sean n ahmad is reali excited cos we've been talking abt it at ytd's trg.. well i wish tt all of dem do well n we'll head to RP together? hehe.. will hav to sms dem tml. application for poly is lyk tml n yet i've to go hospital for checkup in the morning till dono wad time.. juz hate the tots of gg hospital. hopefully im able to go get my applications done n go trg. if not think will hav to skip trg tml.. we'll see hw agn..

guess i shall end here for nw.. tml gt to wake up early for checkup.. haiz..

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