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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

25th march

hmmm.. finally im able to step out of my hse n breathe the hell lots of "fresh" air n sunlight. hahah.. after 2 entire weeks of chicky pox[as wad mr amir calls it], finally i can go watch matches @ TSH. innebandy's match was juz too exciting.. first period mrf was reali playing well. 2nd period innebandy made their first goal.. n the last period reali brings up the intensity. 3-1, 3-3 den was 5-3 finally whistle. hav to sae its lyk usually innebandy's style.."waking up" @ the last period but still the match was juz so exciting la!

went to read the forum n read some comments b4 the match.. realised tt mani ppl was saeing abt the game tt skools VS innebandy. negative comments made n mani thing tt mrf will win it. but hav to sae la.. after innebandy won mrf, mani had been toking bad stuff abt gary, den the ref. its not easy to be a ref. i hav to admit tt i do blame the ref all the time during games. but still i felt tt its reali not easy to be a ref n its even harder to make perfect calls thruout the entire match. cos nno one is perfect in tis world, everyone makes mistake. no one wans to ref on certain matches n i think to those who hav taken the time n all to ref its reali nice of dem..sometimes i think tt those ppl who balmes on the ref shud reali juz try ref-ing a game n see if they demselves can make perfect calls.. so juz giv the ref a break..

after which i left for dinner. suppose to hav ot wit my family in the end they ask me to eat myself after waiting so long for their phone call WTH!!!! so dinner @ foodcourt n i came rushing back to watch the owls game. went sitting on the bench together wit the team n so glad everyone gt score.. wileen seems lyk she's reali unhappy dono y.. fariza throw over half court n her reaction was so funny.. hehe in e end owls won 9-1 against rp. yup den went mac some of my teammates toking n laughing..

26th march

hmmm.. went out wit my brother n bran to watch mr bean the movie.. the movie was nt reali funny as i expected but ok lah overall.. den headed dinner @KFC @ PS. den we walked to orchard.. walk till tired so went mac cafe n eat agn.. LOL!!! head hm after tt..

27th march

do nth @ hm.. so was surfing net @ hm.. eat, surf, eat n surf.. yup. boring

28th march

was @ hm in the dae.. den trg @ VS was terrible for me, no stamina, missing all open shots, missing normal passes.. totally lost my touch... headache is terrible. gg zzz nw...

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