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Friday, March 23, 2007

god damn.. i've been staying @ hm for 2 weeks!!! its TORTURING!!! NO FBALL, NO GOING OUT, NO GAMES, NO TRG, NO EATING OF ALOT OF FOOD!!! onli porridge n more porridge... well i sure don rmber eating tis amt of porridge when i was a kid cos i hated porridge. guess nw its payback time for me LOL...

ytd the gals had their game @ UWC.. against? UWC lahz.. [start to talk nonsense]. hmmm i donno hw was the game lyk but definately everyone had scored. hahaha.. heard the news from fariza tt they won lyk 22-1. its lyk wow!!! hazirah scored 3, wanie 3, debbie 3, hui seems to scored alot from wad i heard from hazira n everyone else scored too.. not sure the no.though.. congrat gals.. i think fariza must be having a real easy life ytd at the goalpost.. first time feeling relax i guess rite fariza??? hehe..

tis week its gonna be the last 2nd game we're gonna play.. against RP. tis league is coming to an end.. i guess its juz unlucky we lost to moose n titans afterall. aniwae we're juz gonna play our game till the end of our league.. im ok alr juz tt some pox tt's alr driyed up still haven peel off yet. so my mum don allow me to play.. wahhhh i so wanna play la so im damn gonna convince her to let me play n i hav till sundae afternoon to convince her.. wish me luck.

hmmm.. rite nw im damn bored agn.. so i dono wad i shud do next.. think i'll juz rot on the bed n stare @ the ceiling till dinner time comes.. another round of porridge..

*thanks for bringing me nice waffles for me to my hse.. its reali nice to eat.. i wish i cud have more nice food.. hehe.. looking forward..


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