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Monday, March 05, 2007

my god! i finally noes hw does it feel to hav NO INTERNET LA!!!! its freaking boring man.. my internets been down since sat till todae. finally its up agn YAY!!!!

ytd's the innebandy n moosemen game is juz too exciting! i nv tot a fball game wud eva be tt exciting.. making everyone sitting at our usual place scream n shout.. muahahah!! super duper drama can the game.. it juz gets more n more exciting as the game goes esp the third period.. at the veri last dono hw mani sec.. philip scored n its 6-7 to moosemen.. den tis moose guy gotten 2 mins for pushing mr amir n den the scorer gave awae the ball to hafeez n he scored! woo000h000oo!!! they drew wit moose! great play n fighting spirit guys! u all rock!!!

sat.. it was history repeated itself once again for owls. twice in 2 weeks we lost.. in the veri last few mins in the third period.. it feels lyk shit when u noe everyone werked so damn f**king hard to win, to score n to defend n ye we still let in goals.. lady luck sure isn't wit us at all tis season. after the game something happened. i wasn't angry cos i tot i was scolded or wad. i juz felt angry cos we lost n the team feels equally down alr. der's no nid to put somemore words to make it worst. everyone werk reali hard for the game.. its damn frustrating when u lost it at the veri last moment. the youth's game earlier on sat was equally the same as us. same fate.. losing it at the veri last min.. skools gals juz not enuf luck dese weeks i guess.. hopefully things will hav a change for us.

sometimes shit happens. nothing seems smooth sailing for me in my everydae life oso.. nw i had big prob to face tt i don even noe hw do i eva gonna face it.. u created tis mess n u left me alone to face it myself n not onli tt u still blame me for it. u accused me, raise ur voice at me n worst u nv admit ur misktakes n i juz wanna sae tt sry is not a word tt can solved everything in tis world. im totally heartbroken n disappointed wit u n even myself. for all the time, effort n love i've been putting in for u in the end tis is wad i got from u..

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