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Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMG!! I GOT CHICKEN POX!!! im lyk itching everywhr n yet i mustn't scratch it.. DAMN!! tml is owls VS storm. i was so looking forward to play the last few games of tis season.. but think i'll be out for @ least 2 or 3 games.. which means no trgs for me tis 2-3weeks..but its ok i'll try to do some self trg on my own @ hm to distract myself from scratching..

realised tt having chicken pox i cant eat ALOT.. i mean reali ALOT of food.. according to my mum i cant eat egg, anithing to do wit beans, no chicken, no prawns, no seafood n mani mani more.. i onli can eat fish n pork porridge n the bee hoon soup etc.. i alr lyk got diabetics le n alot of food alr must eat less or cannot eat le.. yet now i still hav CHICKEN POX! lagi more things cannot eat.. wah~ gg crazy can!!

aniwae hope owls will win for the next few games n thrash our oopnents wit lots of goal diff. innebandy's game todae was exciting.. against merahans.. they score line was definately not the most convincing one bt @ least its a win lahz.. kor did a veri nice goal! it was lyk w00oohoo00!!! my baobei oso put in a wonderful shot during a free hit.. am so proud of him.. oso i envy his shot so powerful n fast.. his trademark drag shot.. hehe.. youth game was not bad.. yana n sheryl scored.. hehe its another pt for the both of dem.. as a first timer match sec.. i reali got alot of things donno thx to hazira who help me so much wit me..

tis is esp for u if u happen to read.. thx for sending me hm todae. if wasnt for me u shud hav went dinner wit the guys n shud hav eaten a more proper dinner.. thx for taking care of me when my parents weren't ard n wit my idoit sister who's one bully n scary cat.. im sry u cant stay over which i reli wish u cud. but i wanna sae thx for everything i luv u darling.. muackz..

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