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Sunday, April 29, 2007

hehe.. here's the pics of my first physical trg wit these rp peeps.. dinner for me was Mac.. but not for dem.. guess wad r they eating? haha... the entire chicken bought from cold storage.. muhahahaha everyone oe chicken man.. no joke!

these peeps are a bunch of fun ppl.. hahah.. meiwen, rigel and jas too.. w/o dem, guess my break time, after skul and all my presentations will be lyk lost.. they're alwaes der to help in my presentation... haha thx gals u all rox!

school's been reali happeneing tis week.. lots of laughter in class, during breaks when we discuss abt our projects and oso stupid faci tt got me all fired up and all of my frenz juz packed our bags n go.. LOL!

guess lessons juz gets more harder lor but i'lldo my best neverthelesss.. so yup. 9 daes haven been blogging.. so mani trgs @ rp. physical on tues n thurs 8laps for gals. wed n fri court trg.. hhah hope i don die flat man.. ciao!

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