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Friday, April 20, 2007

wah~ life in RP is totally madness!!! hahahah.. not tt its not gd or wadeva, juz tt the timing is total so long lah! its from 830-4pm!! presentation everydae somemore.. wah~ can faint lor. but i've to sae tt rp ppl are fun [as in the ppl i noe nad mix wit], my class is so COOL!!! have ppl from diff countries, diff personalities and ya they all those kind of ppl tt makes my dae in class when the lessons are all so boring. heheh

fball in RP will be all physical for 2 mths! its lyk SIANZ.. heard gary's physicall its a killer, hmmm that makes me feels lyk not gg fball.lucky thing is tt we have frenly and mr amir's trg. hahaha ytd's trg was definately making me go crazy.. my legz juz cudn't feel anithing after the trg ends tml.

todae's woke up all my leg muscles aching.. wah~ pain can.. dono wad shud i do later todae. shall see lor. hahah juz went to check on my grades for presentation.. A,A and B. hmmm hopefully i'll do well for the next 15 weeks :) i love RP

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