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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well finally im able to go to RP!! YAY!! i so happi lah.. but i definately go thru so mani hurdles before getting a place in RP.. lucky me i get the course i wanted : Diploma in Sports n Lerisure Management.

the school fees is freaking hell expensive LAHHHHHH!!!!! the registration fees n laptop all so EXPENSIVE!!!!! my god.. so i decided... i nid to werk again.

haiz.. tis lappy somehw im not able to access into some websites n into MSN Messenger.. dono y. tml first dae of orientation.. hope everything goes well for me. trg tml dono shud go anot. cos (1) i onli finished at 4pm. (2) cos if i go straight den my bag will weigh lot, cos of my laptop, shoes, clothes n not fogeting my stickbag. (3) the travelling fare gonna be costing a bomb from sk to rp, rp back to sk, sk to VS... wah.. faints.. so i reali haven make up my mind shud i go or not.

hehe.. went to juha's place todae wit haz, fariza n my bro to collect my stick. his hse has the best viw of the swimming pool, scenary n his hse has veri cool deco, veri oriental.. but too bad our handsome lil boi emil is not at hm.. hehe.. he gave us some stuff too. cool =) aniwae thx loads juha!

well tml gt to be der reali early lyk 830am. hmmm think i better go ZzzZzzz real soon. if not tml sure cant wake up.. hehe.. gd nite ppl n everyone in tis earth!

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