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Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally im able to blog the photos up!!! have been trying to blog it up for daes but ders errors.. aniwae sry alfee nw den i blog ur top model fotos..
EMIL CAME FOR TRGS!!! haha. omg he had grown up so much since the lasta time i saw him during apac. he could nw walk n eve play FABLL!!! hahha... totally adorable man..
trg was totally crazy.. think i cant take it animore.. yup and decided that maybe i had to slow do a liltle. at times lil break outs lyk taking care of emil is much more less tiring than running ard the court trying to score and chase for the ball.
ytd had sort of a frenly against the RP boys. they are good for us gals i think. cos they are faster and stronger. had some total bad times at the start of the game alr.. onli mw n riggel noe.. yup so i shall nt sae much. but play was totally not gd ytd.. haiz.. donno la
haha.. i slept thru the entire 3rd meeting ytd after my grp had presented out ppt. my god i reli juz dozed off till the faci leaves the class and wake up to find that all my tings been alr packed and ready for me to go for fball. haha.. darn tired and yup PT ytd was alrite cos wilson wasn't ard when we go jog n onli 2 rounds better de 12laps. i have muscles alr!!! OMG!! its so scary man.. EeeEEeeee!!!!!!!!!
its juz fun having emil ard ytd.. haha.. he's lyk the cute lil star der during the trg cum frenly ytd.. haha.. we love sitting der having doughnut together.. hehe.. things changes lyk as if so fast that i cud nt get used to it. maybe i reali nid to get the pace rite..

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