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Thursday, May 10, 2007

haha... welcome to my blog again.. tis entries is nothing diff from the last few entries, its juz more of the recent photos of my RP peeps.. haha.. ever since i came to RP, i loved to take mani photos donno y.. maybe cos my classmates are all photo maniacs so im alr one nw too! haha.. but i tk others nv myself.. dono y.. i don lyk tk pics but LOVE neoprints.. LOL!!!
aniwae from these pics here, apparantly we're alr trg with the gerfloor. its veri fun though there are tapes lyk everywhr and also the humps.. haha.. den todae i realised that my fball peeps alwaes tks the same bus hm but we've nv taken ani pics.. so todae manage to catch their sweet couple pics and some other single peeps pics.. too bad alfee isn't ard due to some personal reason so his pic will be published once i tk his and must be wondering whr is our britney(sheryl)? well i had her pic but she din wanna be seen i guess cos she may hav been looking darn slpy.. so i din wanna publish.
i guess trgs juz gets tougher esp the P.T(Physical trgs). court trgs are juz fun and i made so mani silly mistakes todae lor.. sianz.. so hard to be a defender.. i don wanna be bad, don wanna be suck at it, don wanna play animore.. i juz had too mani tings to tink abt.. all dese tings are making me so worn out and lazy...
yawns its almost 230am nw.. and i juz finished changing my blog skin and blogging.. shud be turning in soon.. gd nite to the world n peeps ard.. ciaos

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, May 10, 2007
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