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Saturday, May 12, 2007

haha.. well tis is the pics i took b4 gg to town for our first nite outing..
its their glitz nite and yup my first time gg out so late together wit such big group of ppl lah.. HAPPENING CAN!!!! hahaha..
was kinda funny when we reach DXO.. hHaha cos sheryl n rigel both underage and they manage to smuggle in wit our i/c-s haha..
its fun in der.. music was gd and ya initially all of us hesitated wanna dance anot.. but once we start.. we nv stop till lyk taking small breaks every hr.. haha.. den things gt reali high for tis particular couple.. yup.. sth's amiss but well wadeva is gonna happen to dem.. gd luck ppl!
head hm wit mel drunk, alfee and junwei.. den i bathe n breakfast den reach hm at 8 i think n Zzzz...

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